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metaminaFNR es un stream continuo de audio. Basado en un patch de Pure Data, corre en un servidor que elige aleatoriamente tracks de audio que lee de un archivo de texto y que están alojadas en y otros hosts. Incluye propuestas de arte sonoro, ruidismo, música generativa y algorítmica, improvisación, grabaciones de campo, microsounds, entre otros. Todo el material es de marcado carácter experimental y está publicado bajo licencias abiertas.
metaminaFNR is a continuous audio stream. A Pure Data patch running on a server randomly chooses audio tracks from a text file. The sound files are hosted on and other sites. It features sound art, noise, generative and algorithmic music, improv, field recordings, microsound and more... all of them with an emphasis on experimentation and published under open licenses.
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Review by Marco Donnarumma

Pure Data 24h audio stream, ecoradio and open music

This autonomic radio freely gathers and spreads nodes of sound art instances, works by different composers and sonic artists with a common interest in openness of media, languages and technologies, ecologies of individuals and values. Once again such issue reminds me of the primordial peer2peer character of the Internet, shaped nowadays by capitalistic paradigms into a far less wild environment then it was at its birth. Peer2peer autonomic radio.

Besides, I’ve been forwarded a text by Julien Ottavi, interestingly interrelating the otherwise usually separated concepts of Eco and Radio in a wider behavioural and social perspective. Give it a read at, maybe while listening to metaminaFNR Pure Data Radio!

The program you will listen to includes pieces and live recordings by many active and hacktive artists of the present sonic art scene (full list here), among which Francisco López, Daax!, Julien Ottavi, Frank Barknecht, Anton Mobin, d.R.e.G.S, Martin Howse, Pangea, Claudius Maximus, Noish, Chun Lee and your writer here, Marco Donnarumma.

Finally, if you want to set up your own open radio, be sure to read the comprehensive guidelines which Noish added to the project webpage!
You can download the Pure Data patch, set it up on your server and start streaming your sonic nodes!
DURATION | one month
thanks to: Olivier Henry, Alejo Duque and Lluis Gomez
Radio Años 70
Radio Años 70