HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN "metaminaFNR": you need instaled in your machina or server "Pure Data" (pdextended versión we are going to use oggcast~ by Olaf Matthes) + and install the external [READANYSF~] from August Black. Then download "metaminaFNR.pd-zip" and unzip it, there are 3 files; "fromyourmachinaMFNR.pd", "serverMFNR.pd" and "urls.txt".

---- Open "urls.txt" with a text-editor and change/add new audio urls like ";" each per line and finish with ";"


---- Open "fromyourmachinaMFNR.pd" with pdextended in your local machina. Edit it and add your info for the stream (host, mountpoint, password, metadata, ect) you can create your stream channel with if you havent got a icecast server.

---- Finally bang! "play" and after bang! "stream"....

Mode B FROM A SERVER: the same you need to install in the server (pdextended + readanysf~). Edit "urls.txt" and "serverMFNR.pd" with your audio tracks and the info of your (host, mountpoint, password, metadata, ect). And upload to the server > serverMFNR.pd and "urls.txt" in the same folder.

---In the server Run pdextended and the patch (serverMFNR.pd) in nogui way ::> pdextended -nogui serverMFNR.pd

---$ ssh usuario_remoto@host_remoto (para conectarse al server desde tu terminal a tu sesion de usuario via "ssh" y poder instalar pdextended + readanysf~.
---$ scp /home/carpeta/* usuario@maquina:/carpeta/ (subir archivos desde tu máquina al server via "scp")

---$screen ( To run the patch in standalone way and leave it running in the server )
download CODE metaminaFNR
download Pure Data Extended
download [readanysf~]
Create your own stream channel